Rundown of the Rules and Features
One of the most evident facts about the popularity of online slots is the simplicity of the games. There is very little input required and even less strategy, so all you need to do to participate is press the big blue spin button. The only other decision you are able to make is the cost of the wager that you are placing, with the minimum at 1.25 and the maximum of 25. Clicking the spin button will send the reels shortly whirling, with the winning pay-lines – if there are any – highlighted by a simple red line. You can clearly see the amount won in the relevant table on the right-hand side of the window.

The symbols you see when you play Golden Dragon either for real money or free play are a mixture of dragon heads, a coat of arms, and one of the most classic symbols of all old slots – the BAR. The BAR symbol comes in three varieties, either single, double, or triple, with a mix of any three also being considered a match. The best possible combination is to find three dragon heads matching from the bottom left to the top right, which will payout at 5,000. That’s really all there is to the game, there are no bonus rounds, free spins, gamble options, or anything other gameplay features to Golden Dragon online.